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Paragon of Fine Art Blogger Award

“Paragon of Fine Art Blogger Award”

In the backlight, the scattered camellia is glowing.


I love the beautiful nature.

I take its photos and post the photos.

It is part of my life, and It is my happiness.

Rules for the acceptance of this award:

Along with the acceptance of the PFAB Award please post anything that would express your love for art, it may be in a form of a painting, a photograph, an illustration, a poem or essay,  anything done for the love of art.

Choose 6 bloggers who should merit the said award.
Six fun and art loving bloggers:

Poemotherapi Shoppe



Tell me about it

Sweet as a Picture

Photography Art Plus

Notify the deserving bloggers of the award, let them know the rules.

Acknowledge the presenter of this award by linking back.

I had this award from my friend.Please visit blog Kintal.

Thank you very much. 🙂

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