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Award Free Blog ?

Dear, my friends.

I believe in various ways with respect to Award.
I can receive the Award and I’m very happy.
And, I love the feeling of friend who nominated me.
But I, I can not complete the processing of the Award of the later.
So I thought I’d like the following.

Dear, my friends.

I have get several wonderful awards and its nomination.
It is my happiness.


Now, I have spent a few time for photographs every day.
And I want to see your post as long as I have time.

For me to get award is very happy.
But the process required for continue the award is a little too heavy. I am sorry.

I’m happy the “Like” that you push.
“Like” just say “I saw” is very happy.
I also want to push “Like” for your many  “Arts” and “Poems” as much as possible.

If I have more time, I want to spend to take photos, to write my post and to visit your blog. 😀
So, I want to change this blog as “Award Free Blog”.

To my all friends dear.



But I, it is not good also.
I should do in preference to the feelings of my friend.
And I should do in preference more than anything.
So, if there is a person who nominated me, then I will receive and accept.
It may need long time to process the Award.
It may not be completed. Sorry.
In that case, to rule violations with respect to its Award is my own.
Of course, I can not display the Award,but I save all into my PC until I can process it.

This is Award Free Blog declaration of me.

img-611123419-0001.v01Chun 2014/06/17



4 thoughts on “Award Free Blog ?

  1. Hi 🙂 I feel exactly the same kind of thing regarding awards, so when I receive them I follow a few of their ‘rules’ but then when I give them I always change the ‘rules’ to no rules; I like to pass one the act of random kindness without the burden of ‘must do’s’. I would offer you a no-strings lovely blog award but your blog is beautiful; I love your flower pictures, they are filled with joy 🙂

    • Thank you for your message. 🙂
      To change rule is good idea & good choice.
      I love to see flowers and beautiful nature…
      And I want to share it for my friends.
      If it is everyday,In the short time, I can see a little.
      I want more time. 🙂
      Although my poor English, I need more time to read & write. ( really it is my fun to read & write blog and message…)
      So I need more time. 🙂
      Thank you for your kind message.
      Love. 🙂

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