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Beautiful house

This photo is my old film photo.
My beautiful picture


12 thoughts on “Beautiful house

      • I miss film. There is an added depth and richness to film images that is missing in digital images. At least I think so. I have really been working hard in the editing room to bring more richness to my photos. I hope you have a wonderful day today, my friend! Love, Amy

      • Film photography and digital photography, there is good point respectively.
        Digital photos we can shoot a lot.
        Film, gradually decreasing the user, so it takes the time to get the film now.
        I’m going to take new film photos. 🙂
        And I’m looking forward to see your new works.

      • I really look forward in seeing more of your film work, Chun. I still have a point and shoot film camera, which I just may again pick up. That thing took the best pictures. Love, Amy

      • Amy, Thank you so much.
        I’ll show you another film photography. In the near future.
        Let’s take a nice photo. 😀

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