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Anemone hupehensis

I’m off work with low-grade fever.



16 thoughts on “Anemone hupehensis

  1. Chun!!! I haven’t been feeling well either! I have hardly been blogging at all. I really hope you are feeling better soon. Much Love to you!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

    • Amy, thank you for your kindness. 🙂
      I’m feeling well now. And…
      Are you feeling well ?
      Much more Love to you!!

      • Yes, Chun, I am feeling well but after that I got hit with a ton of technical problems. They seem to be clearing up as well so I am easing back into blogging, trying to get back to where I had been before I started feeling ill and than wham! got hit with so many computer issues. I am so happy you are well now. Love, Amy

    • ありがとうございました。

    • Thank you for your kind comment. 🙂
      It took three weeks to become well. 😦
      And sorry, it is too late reply for your comment.
      And I want to say “thank you!”.

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