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14 thoughts on “Wind

  1. O I like so much this flower, there is everywhere in our town this summer, the town gardener plant them in every street 😉 But what I like in this flower it is that it got very beautiful colors, but in the same time the petal seems to want to go to the floor and it gives to them a sad way.
    Have a nice day my dear Chun 🙂
    Take care

    • In our area, I will often see in the garden and personal suburbs, this flower.
      It is less in public places.
      Really, flowers are not planted only a little in public places. 😦
      It cost because take to clean the flower beds maybe.
      I also love this flower.
      This flower in bright colors, when I’m looking at this, the mind becomes brighter.
      Thank you as always.
      Dear Sophie. 😀

      • It is so good. 🙂
        Our area is not so…
        Your city is beautiful with the flowers and beautiful arts.
        Your photos introduced me the beauty.
        Thank you my dear.

  2. Beautiful fresh flowers yellow with the green of grass, good image 🙂

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