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Hibiscus mutabilis II (Confederate rose, Fuyou)

Hibiscus mutabilis blooming under the Cumulonimbus.



13 thoughts on “Hibiscus mutabilis II (Confederate rose, Fuyou)

  1. Chun, you did an outstanding job capturing this beauty. The color and texture are perfect!!! Job well done, friend!!! You need to be proud of yourself! Love, Amy

    • Thank you so much. 🙂
      I am affected by you and other photographer always.
      I’m taking photo with thinking variety in it.
      So, I think that I can shoot well also, is a result of the influence of you.
      Thank you as always.
      I am very grateful to you.

      • OH, Chun! Some of the things you say just grab by heart! I learn for ALL the photographers I see here at WP. Their work like yours, makes ME think how to do something different. Sameness gets boring, so when I look at others’ work, I incorporate what I like into my own work. I too am very grateful to YOU! (((HUGS))) Amy

      • I hope to steady progress of day-to-day you and me.
        I think its “growth” is we looking forward to most.
        dear Amy.

      • I agree, Chun. There are so many possiblities on what to do with photography. I don’t even know all the ins and outs on my camera yet. Same goes for Photo Shop. I have yet to learn all I can do with editing. I hope come winter I will have time to apply to study. I HOPE!! Love, Amy

      • Thank you for comment.
        Photo is like easy, actually it’s not easy.
        There are many possiblity of progress in photography.
        And we can have the time of various study in the winter.
        I’m looking forward to do the study.

      • As I am, Chun. I have so much more to learn. So yes, winter is a good thing, for it shall be giving me time in order to pursue that study! 🙂 Love, Amy

    • Thank you for your comment.
      The flowers are large flowers, colors and patterns of the petals is very beautiful.
      When it is transmitted through the light, it is varied and more.
      Also, I think the figure of the whole tree so beautiful, and trying to shoot when it becomes full bloom.
      Thank you very much.

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