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10 thoughts on “Hosta montana (Oobagiboushi)

    • This plant is suitable for viewing from the leaves also beautiful.
      There are a lot of flowers in your garden. I want to visit there.

      It is rainy day today. There are many landslides in our country.
      because, we have a lot of rain this year. 😦

      Have a great Sunday!!
      dear Amy

      • Oh, Chun, that is so terrible, about the landslides. It has been really really rainy here too this summer and as a result a lot of my flowers did not flower right. I am just now seeing roses bloom that haven’t all summer long. I have been trying to get this one rose perfectly, its color, because it looks as though it glows. It is SOOOOO bright. I really think I got Her today just perfectly! Chun, I have SO many photos, I just don’t have the time to post them all. Just today I went into a park on my bike, and on my cellphone camera, got some awesome pics. I am going to really try to post them tomorrow AND my glowing rose. TRY. So far I don’t even have ONE post made up. Whew! It has been that kind of day!!! May you have a glorious Sunday! Love, Amy

      • Amy, unseasonable weather seems to be happening all over the world.
        Hiroshima is known in the atomic bomb, major disaster occurs in the very suburbs, missing and dead has reached as high as 90 people.
        Hiroshima is at 300 kilometers from here, there is relatively close.
        I pray the tragic disaster like this do not happen more.

        Also roses you love, many of them not bloom in the bad weather.
        It is very disappointing.
        Beautiful four seasons, hope that it is on track to me.
        We can’t live in a place away from Mother nature.

        I am looking forward to the pictures of flowers taken of you.
        I am looking forward to it very much.
        Please have a nice Sunday.

      • May one day soon, my friend Chun, all disasters come to an end, and only Beauty, Peace and Love exist on earth. I pray my roses do bloom soon, every bush. And I thank you so much for being a part of my life! (((HUGS))) Amy

      • Thank you so much.
        Your pray is my pray.
        I hope your roses blooming in the peace world.
        I love your pure soul. And it’s on your works.
        Have a nice day.

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