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Madagascar periwinkle in the rain II

The water drops on the flower are beautiful.


2nd photo: Cropped image


8 thoughts on “Madagascar periwinkle in the rain II

  1. Very beautiful, I co,firmed that this flower is a beauty and why the water drops it is better. The purity of the white and of the water.
    Have a nice sunday my dear

    • This petal is water-repellent.
      So, drop of water has become a sphere.
      Not only that, the element is all pure.
      Here every day rain, fine day is less.
      So recent photos guys water droplets.
      Have a nice beginning of the week!

      • Oh the texture it is like lotus one. OK
        On last tuesday I took nenuphar flowers in pictures and I think a lot about you at this moment;-) I will who that later…

      • In this area, water lilies are blooming in the pond of the old temple.
        I’m not seen water lilies this year yet. 😦
        In fact, I became very well by your messages. thanks to you.
        I am very grateful.
        Thank you.
        Sophie Dear.

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