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Madagascar periwinkle in the rain

Madagascar periwinkle (nichi nichi so) with water drops.



cropped image.

FOR Ajay tao.

Please rest in peace, my dear Ajay tao.


11 thoughts on “Madagascar periwinkle in the rain

  1. OH Chun, forgive me! I JUST saw what you wrote for Ajay!!! Bless you! I will miss him too. When I heard what happened, I was just stunned. Thank you for doing this for him. Love, Amy

    • Don’t mind, Amy. 🙂
      Our friend Ajay loved beautiful flowers.
      And he loved all his friends.
      I believed that there is still tomorrow with him.
      However, the day came suddenly.
      Still, I’m not able to organize in the mind.
      But I, I can do is one thing.
      That I continue my life anyway.
      I’ll take photo of beautiful flowers, nature and more …
      I love my friends.
      I love every…
      and I’m here.
      Love Amy.

      • I too believe Ajay continues, Chun. It is just sad for the friends he left behind here. I too continue to take photos of beautiful Nature, in hopes that somehow they will make this world a better place. Love to you, Chun. (((HUGS))) Amy

      • I also agree with your thoughts.
        Let us contribute even a little to the world in a nice photo. 😀

      • The little by the many adds up, Chun. That is what I believe. If more of us focused on the beauty of the world, more and more of the ugliness would soon fade away. Love, Amy

  2. Very very very beautiful, delicate white flower with just a pink heart. The second is jus wow.
    I love it Chun
    Have a great evening my dear

    • Thank you for your comment.
      This white is beautiful pearl white color in the rain.
      And the water drops are roundly and pure water lens.
      The rain comes from clouds.
      I think it is the beauty is gift from heaven.

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