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Side trip … utsusemi II

This is an empty shell of the large brown cicada.

I found it in the rain.




17 thoughts on “Side trip … utsusemi II

    • The cicada holds branches firmly before the cicadas get out.
      Its shell so relatively hard, do not fall for a while.
      Thank you for your comment.

    • Thank you for your comment.
      For several hours, it is vulnerable at all.
      Molting at the end of the cicada is done at night usually.
      It takes a few hours until set wings extended.
      It is a soft body with white color first.
      The coloring soon, the body of the cicada will gradually harden it.
      Meanwhile, the cicada has been clinging to this shell much.

      • Very interesting. Must be a tough time in a cicada’s life, and they have to go through it alone. Otherwise, you’d see groups of the shells in one spot, where they all kept each other company.

      • This cicada will the underground life for seven years.
        They live in a community between the tree’s roots.
        And they will on the ground life about the 10 days.
        They live in a community between trees.
        There are “alone” between the process.
        Thank you.

      • Thank you for your reply.
        I have seen it several times the emergence of the cicada.
        I will sometimes apparent in the backyard it.
        But, there are many rain this year, is unlikely to have the opportunity to see.
        That of life in the soil of the cicada, I read in the book.

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