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Tagetes (marigold)

Little time, I was looking at the flowers in the flowerbed.

It is bright yellow or gold flower.




Cropped Image.



Cropped Image.



11 thoughts on “Tagetes (marigold)

    • Thank you so much.
      I’m happy that you enjoyed yourself. 🙂
      This weekend, until Sunday night from Saturday night, I am absent.
      But I want to post something in the meantime, if possible.
      Have a nice weekend !! ❤

      • I am taking the weekend off too, Chun. I am posting my waterfalls TODAY, and then will not be posting again probably until Monday. Maybe Sunday. We’ll see. I usually take it day by day. Love, Amy

      • I visited your new post of the waterfall. 🙂
        I could enjoy to see the nice photos.
        I’ll off from this evening ( about 7 hours after ) until tomorrow night.
        I’m looking forward to see your arts next week.
        ((( HUGS)))

      • I’m off too, Chun, after this evening. I am taking the weekend off. (smile) No plans YET but I will do something. Even if it is napping. LOL (((HUGS))) Amy

    • Thank you for your comment.
      I noticed that the flowers of public places in my area is less.
      Around the house of the individual is often.
      The flowers are less in the park.
      It is a little disappointing.

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