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in the cave

I participated in the cave observation events.
Outside temperature is 30 degrees Celsius’s, but was about 15 degrees Celsius in the cave.


There is a groundwater to a knee of an adult.

There is a colony of actinomycetes in the ceiling. Beautiful!! 😀

In another cave, there was a amphipods the eye degenerate.


Moss to grow on the place where light enters.


10 thoughts on “in the cave

  1. It seems to be a beautiful place, the bug is white because there no light so he can’t and he doesn’t need to be colored.
    thanks for the sharing.
    Have a nice end of sunday Chun

    • This cave is from 190,000 years ago.
      At the time, this place was a volcano.
      And we thought the cave has left after highly liquid flows of lava.
      It is protected by the country, but we can visit.

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