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Vine to go stretch skyward.
Skyward flowers open.
This is just a normal thing.
It very ordinary.
We want peace.



10 thoughts on “Asagao

    • Thank you Amy.
      Asagao means “Morning glory” in our country.
      We love this flower.
      And the flowers bloom in life as usual for us.
      I hope the people all over the world be happy. And I hope there is no fear in their life.

      • I pray the same thing, Chun. I pray for Peace. I pray for Love. I pray for all people to understand one another and for all adversity to stop. I pray …. Love, Amy

      • You are right, Amy. 😀
        I think in common, I wish we could pray for peace.
        Sorrow and misery will disappear as more and more from the world.
        And everyone become friends,and take a hand each other.
        I believe that people in many parts of the world wants peace, and to be living in peace.
        I believe some people of the rest also be happy in peace.

      • YES! I believe the same thing. The more the number rises of people who want peace, it is peace that will rule this world. I pray for Peace every day as I told you. And I shall not stop any time soon. Love, Amy

      • The peace, may differ depending on the country or region.
        It looks like the temperature is so different in each region.
        But the peace, in their deep minds, is the same.
        I think that the peace in you is great.
        I also would like to pray with you.

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