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The end of the flowering season


It is almost hot summer.
The flower season of this hydrangea almost ended.
I still like this flower.
I think it still beautiful.



11 thoughts on “The end of the flowering season

    • Thank you for nice comment.
      I am very happy that you love this flower. ❤
      You love this flower. then the flower loves you too. 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment.
      I’ve taken a lot of hydrangea during this season.
      It was very beautiful.
      And, Amy,I’m glad to be able to show you it.
      Season of hydragea were passed, now is a very hot summer.
      But, autumn flowers will begin to bloom soon.
      Amy, I want to show you again. 😀

      • Oh yes, please do. We don’t have many Autumn flowers here. Many colors on leaves of trees, yes, but flowers no. I wait for my Heart to guide me when the time comes as to what to photograph. I have SO many pictures of flowers I have yet to show, I will probably have enough for all winter. Yet, will my Heart guide me to shoot the winter? Could be. I will see. (((HUGS))) Amy

      • It is long autumn here, flower blooms full to the end of October.
        And, until the beginning of December from the end of October, autumn leaves of the trees are beautiful.
        Snow is relatively less in winter. The landscape is not so beautiful.
        I’ll deliver a picture of autumn flowers to you.
        And I want to also look for the beauty of winter.
        The river that you shooting the flow will freeze in the winter?
        The river not freeze in my area.
        Have a nice day!! 😀

      • Yes, the streams and rivers and lakes do freeze here, Chun, and that is one thing I do plan on showing you when it happens. 🙂 Love, Amy

      • Thank you so much. 😀
        I have never seen in practice how the river freezes.
        I look forward to your photos.
        I also will introduce photos album of winter here.
        It’s my fun!!

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