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Stomorhina obsoleta

This is a kind of fly.
This has the eyes of a mysterious pattern.



20 thoughts on “Stomorhina obsoleta

    • こんばんは。いつもコメントありがとう。 🙂
      目がシマシマで魅力的でしょう ❤ 😀

      Good evening. Thank you for your comment always. 🙂
      Nectar is the favorite food of this fly.
      The striped eyes are attractive. <3: D

  1. Chun, I came here first thing this morning because I really do want to see your photos. And what do I see? A fly! Very cool pictures! And I LOVE the color of this flower. Thank you for posting this, and thank you for your friendship. Love, Amy

    • Amy, thank you for your friendship. 😀
      I saw your post. There is a nice photo of small pond.
      It was so beautiful and it looks like the art of Monet. 🙂
      I like it.
      Have a great day!!

      • You have a great day too!! I am SO happy you like my pond picture. There was so much grace in it, with gentle arches. I blush to think you compare my photo to Monet. I am indeed honored!! Love, Amy

      • The reflection of the pond are art of light. It is beautiful.
        You found nice pond.
        Really I felt C.Monet’s arts when I saw your photo.

        I like to find beauty in everything.
        I want to take photo of it.
        Bless you! 🙂
        ( It is midnight here. 🙂 I’m going to bed soon. good night!)

  2. Oh wow !!!!!!!!!! Stunning pictures. Yes you’re right I had never seen eyes like that 🙂
    Very great captures !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a nice morning 🙂

    • Yes, I was surprised at the first view.
      I thought rather than a fellow fly,’s fellow syrphid at first.
      Insects (Photography) is also interesting. 🙂

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