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Pink Camellia

The flower of this camellia is pink.





9 thoughts on “Pink Camellia

    • Hello!
      I found in the Woods near here.
      Camellia has many variants.
      This is pale color flower, and there are sometimes dark color. 🙂

    • Thank you Michelle.
      I take photos everyday. So I have a lot.

      As a result,My PC out of HDD space.
      and so I have many DATA DVD.
      But you know, it’s my precious.

      Today, I found “Fuki shoot”. 🙂

      • Girl friend me TOO! I always take photos. I don’t always publish but my parents never took photos so there aren’t many of us as kids. SO I’m making up for all of that in my lifetime! Fuki Shoot sounds like some fun I want to get into!

      • I love all of them! I also use WP to store my photos! Have a super day! I’ve been busy at work so I haven’t been online as much! I plan to catch up though tomorrow and this weekend! Hugs to you!

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